Q: What could be causing this? Electrical/ignition/or something else?

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I have an interesting problem that I cannot find the solution to and I'm hoping that one of my mechanically inclined friends might be able to help. Our 96 Toyota Camry is having a small issue. When you park and take the keys out certain devices are still working. The windshield wipers, air conditioning fan, turn signals and some indicator lights (oil, brake lights, seat belt). The radio does not turn on which rules out the idea that it thinks its in accessory mode i think. I just replaced the ignition switch (my first thought) and there has been no change. The Toyota dealer is willing to do an electrical diagnosis but i'm not sure I should invest anymore into it. What do you guys think?

My car has 193000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You have a lot of lights and components that are staying on. They are all controlled by the body control module. There may be a simple problem like a sticking accessory delay relay or more difficult problems like wire shorts or open circuits or switches causing the problem. You will need to have the body control module scanned and all the inputs and outputs monitored to find the cause of all the accessories to stay on.

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