Q: Intermittant front end vibration like a front flat tire,,

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I have a 04 seville SLS,,last nite while driving about 50 mph straight I experienced a front wheel bad vibration, just like having a flat, (front end flat tire like vibration, harder steering and slight pull but lasting only 5-8 seconds then all ok),but no tire was flat,,i continued and it did it 3 more times in 8 miles each event lasting only 5-8 seconds,,, brakes and all fluid levils are finecould this be cv joint or wheel bearing,,
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Gary. Thanks for writing in to YourMechanic.com today. In many instances, what you are describing can be caused by a damaged CV joint, wheel bearings, lower ball joint or even a strut mount that is loose. A wheel weight that falls off the tire / rim can also create this type of extreme vibration. However, since it happened for only a few seconds, it is also possible that road conditions may have contributed to this as well. If you’d like, one of our mobile mechanics can come to your location to complete a car is vibrating inspection, so they can test drive the vehicle with you and attempt to replicate the symptoms you are describing. This is often the best way to diagnose a problem and ensure the right repairs are completed.

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