Q: What an broken axle cause a cars engine to die and would it still roll

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The car hesitates when you give it acceleration almost like it's slipping and needs transmission fluid kind of like that feeling so it is a rental and I am driving to work and all of a sudden it just starts to slow down and then it's like shut off all the engine lights came on like if it died so then I was able to get into the turning lane and when I try to start it it would start but very roughly very much sputtering when I would try to go it would not go properly you could get just a couple of inches and then it wouldn't go I'm asking you this because the rental place is trying to tell me that has a broken axle due to off-roading do you think that a broken axle would have anything to do with a car dying and sputtering the way it did

My car has 25000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Cathrene. In short, yes - a broken axle or any component within the front or rear differential can cause the vehicle to shut off and the symptoms you are describing. It’s also possible that the sputtering is caused by something else. With the vehicle being a rental car, and prone to abusive driving by multiple drivers, determining the exact source of damage is very hard to prove.

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