Q: Was driving down the road felt like i hit something car started amoking no lights after driving lights came on now wont start

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I was driving down the road. Felt like i ran something over. My car started to smoke. I pulled into autozone and lifted the hood. You could see something sprayrd everywhere. But no lights came on. Man at autozone said maybe i ran over a water bottle and it just smoked from it hitting what was already hot. So when i left maybe 4 mins down the road. My check engine light the engine coolant light and a light with a lightning bolt came on. Come to find out the bottom radiator hose came off. Replaced that. Car still wont crank. Coolant was completely empty but even after refilling it. Still wont come on. Only had this car for 3 weeks. Please help.

My car has 172000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

I have never heard of someone running over a water bottle and it spray all over engine. You were obviously misdirected by someone at the parts store and now you have seized motor from overheating the engine. You most likely have blown head gaskets and coolant has filled a cylinder causing the engine to be locked up. You may have damaged the engine beyond repair and need to replace the engine. Have a mechanic remove all the spark plugs and see if one or more cylinders were filled with coolant? If so you may be able to have the head gaskets replaced if engine turns over with plugs out.

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