I just replaced actuator and now having hard time getting...

I just replaced actuator and now having hard time getting out of car Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 200 vw passatwagon 1.8 atw engine turbo Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are ...

I just replaced actuator and now having hard time getting out of car Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 200 vw passatwagon 1.8 atw engine turbo Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the VW? Is it an automatic or a manual transmission? 2000 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far? Auto 4cy; Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Can the new one be fixed or do i have to reinvest

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Hey there, Jake here.Sorry your having issues, but thanks for reaching out.Are you saying the door lock actuator was replaced and your having problems opening the door from the inside handle?did you replace the entire latch assembly with cables or just the actuator portion of the latch assembly?

just the actuatorim not the mechanic but having a vw is making me into one..
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Ha! Have you attempted lubricating the latch itself liberally to see if that helps?

no i havent i was wondering if maechic wired it wrongits scary --taakes alot to get out of car now
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If it was wired wrong it wouldn’t operate at all.The actuator ONLY performs the lock/unlock of the latch.It’s the handle cable to the latch that release the door itself. Which is not an actuator issieOnly reason the actuator would be the issue there is if the door wasn’t unlocking causing it not to open

befioer i changed it old atuator started malfunctioningcouldnt get INTO car npothats what it did i couldnt get INTO car ..then changed the piece and now cant get OUT of carcan actuator be fixedor should i get another and return this one...cwith the old one i could get out of car when the alarm light was on... now i canteven after pressing fob and turning off alarm i still have to keep trying to get out of the care linkage wrong? i went back to mechanic and he said it was cause by Chinese part- incompatibility with German etc.. i checked all the OEM numbers before i bought it
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If the lock/unlock function is being effected then it’s the actuator.If the door is unlocking fine but the latch just not releasing from the handle pull them the latch itself is the concern.It’s one or the other and not both her

there are some higher end ones on rock auto-i dont wan toto be in a panic scenario and cant get out of the car-- stuff of
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If the linkage was swapped the door would not open at all! Been there and done that on accident haha

the door will lock but the handle is not responsive at all timesall i changed as actuatorthe latch on the website is just the little electrical button near the window controls...doesnt sound rightdid he not put the linkage on right..it feels like its slipping or somethinglike when the handle is pulled something slides differently than beforedo i have to change that little switch? or where is the latchcan you tell me if the part is here https://parts.vw.com/p/Volkswagen\_2000\_Passat-Wagon-GLS-Wagon-18L-AT-FWD/Lock-Latch/48913478/3B1837015AS.html
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You could easily test the cables if you think they were at fault.Roll down window fully, release top of the door pa el and pull it out from the door and reach back and swap the them real quick then try it

what do you mean swap them
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That’s the whole lock latch assembly

new ones or move these around
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I mean just that, there is two cables on the back of the handle? I was under the impression you had worked in this I guess not.

sorry i sent wrong vw page..damsel in distresss- dont wanna have tobreak window to get out of car dig???no ithe actuator needed to be changed but the new one is not right-- getting into car is fine now -- its just getting out sucksi paid this dude a yard to fix this
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Have you stressed your concerns to have him reassess his work?

just trying to see if i need to get another part..my garage looks like i work for vw-- i am a bass player and need a wagon to carry my stuff so im trying to hold ont to this onesaw him yesterday-- no body else wanted to work on this piece...so u say switch the cables? then wont i be back to square oneis the door latch an electrionic piece or just a manual onecould t be the switch?https://parts.vw.com/productSearch.aspx?searchTerm=Door%20Latch&ukey\_make=5808&ukey\_model=92313&modelYear=2000&ukey\_driveline=56131&ukey\_trimlevel=128225this is the latch cable-- theres only ONE end here- what will he be switching to?
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Welcome to Just Answer. My name is\*\*\*\*\* am a manufacturer trained and ASE Master Technician. I am here to help. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your vehicle today. The system will offer you a phone call. Feel free to accept or decline this service. It does not come directly from me. I cannot provide phone assistance outside the US. Please give me a few moments to go over your concerns. First and foremost let me give you a little information on how this platform works. It is a strict one question one answer service. You ask one question and I will get as many details as I can from you. The reason for this is so I can provide you as accurate an answer as possible. Once I have submitted your answer please feel free to let me know if any clarification is needed about the answer to your question! Now, I know you had a short chat with our lovely assistant but there may be more information. Would you mind sending me your VIN and as many details as you can about the problem? This will allow me to give you the most accurate information possible based on your specific vehicle. Please know this is not an auto response message system. I am a full time automotive technician, I review cases as they come in. If you do not receive a prompt response, this means I have stepped away momentarily or are working on your case as well as many others. Please be patient and I will be with you after your reply!

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