Q: Vibration when car shifts gear

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Started vibrating usally around 45 MPH while car was shifting up to next gear. It now seems to vibrate every gear change up. Only does it when I start at a lower RPM, usally from like 1100 to 1900 RPM. For example getting on a highway it will not do it because of the higher RPM. Vibrates whole car, very noticeable.

There are a lot of possible causes and thus the vehicle has to be road tested as one part of a vibration diagnostic. If the cause is mundane (e.g., wheel imbalance, tire belt separation) the diagnostic and fix will be straightforward but if the fault originates in an imbalanced torque converter, failed harmonic balancer, or axle imbalance it will require the use of tools such as wireless chassis ears. Other causes include defective or irregularly worn tires, motor mounts, failed bearings in the transmission or differential, wheel damage, loose lug nuts, faults in the suspension, and so forth. The cause will likely appear as one of a group of "likely causes" depending on just how the vibration presents during the mechanic’s road test. If you schedule the diagnostic, the certified mechanic who is dispatched by YourMechanic will get this resolved for you promptly. If you have any other concerns, do not hesitate to contact YourMechanic.

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