Q: Vibration over 65mph

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I have a slight vibration over 65mph that I have not been able to pinpoint. All four rims were bent, but I repaired them and a second shop confirmed that they were perfect. I got the tires re-balanced, had the suspension and steering checked by Nissan, but everything is fine.

The last item I can think of is the fact that the tires are very worn out (maybe 10% tread life left) and they were sitting on bent rims for a considerable amount of time. One of them loses air very slowly as well. Do you think the vibration is caused by these bad tires? They are 19inch low profile tires, so I understand that a minor imperfection would be more noticeable than on a regular sized tire.

I was trying to put off purchasing 4 new tires until these were completely worn through, but if it is the probable cause of this slight vibration then I will get them replaced sooner.

My car has 38000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The balance does not start until you are above 65 mph is going to be an imbalance in the tires and rims. The fact that you say you bent the rims and are still using the same tires and rims tells me that you have a balance issue. Most balancers that are used by most shops and tire stores are not high speed balancers and will not be able to do high speed balancing unless they have a balancer designed for high speeds. You may need to find a speed shop that has one. You will find this will help the situation.

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