Q: Vehicle stalls at idle, on highway all speeds, stop lights. Will restart most times.

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Both fule pumps replaced, gas tank replaced by Chrysler, new gas cap, new battery, new computer, all grounds checked, all fuses replaced. Check engine light comes on once in a while but not regular. ( lost communication code) I've had it to several mechanics and no fix yet. Motor was replaced at 175,000 miles by chrysler. Vehicle stalls/cuts out at all fule levels.

My car has 260000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. You likely have a faulty transmission control module or engine control module. The no communication code has been experienced by many technicians, Chrysler 300, and Dodge Challenger owners alike. The cause of a lost communication code on your particular vehicle is almost always a faulty engine control module or a transmission control module. I especially believe one is bad on your vehicle because of all that has been checked and replaced already. Unfortunately there’s no real way to duplicate the problem in order to pinpoint the issue through testing. You may be able to run a OBD II scan diagnostic on the engine control module and transmission module to help uncover any faults. There are engine control modules transmission control modules which come pre programmed that you can order offline to make the process of installation easier.

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