Q: Van keeps blowing fuses, no lights in back work, can't shift unless key is in certain position

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At first it started with not being able to shift from park to any other position. We replaced the brake light switch and it still didn't fix the problem. Noticed a fuse for the ignition was blown, so replaced the fuse. Worked for about three days and then the fuse blew again. When I replaced the fuse a second time, it lasted maybe a day. Now I blow a fuse Everytime I start the van. Also my headlights won't turn off and I don't even turn them on, turn signal lights in back won't work, brake lights and tail lights won't work, all bulbs are fine, gauges are sporadic and my fuel gauge goes to empty and fuel light comes on with half a tank of gas, still can't shift unless my van is off and key in certain position.

My car has 220000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There is a short somewhere, causing the fuse to blown continuously. In your vehicle, power flows from the ignition switch to the transmission range sensor. This sensor needs to be operation in order for the transmission to be moved out of park, as does the ignition switch. Since your headlights always stay on, there is obviously a short somewhere in that circuit. This kind of problem will require firsthand professional diagnosis from a professional. I recommend calling YourMechanic to diagnose and repair this electrical problem since we come to your home or office.

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