Q: Truck suddenly wont start. Starter is good. Been diagnosed with intermittent issue. Need advice. No crank, no start.

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I have had my truck starter tested. One of the bolts were corroded, but replaced after being cleaned. Truck was diagnosed with an intermittent starter issue. However, I had the starter tested. All is well with that. I drove today. Each time I would start the truck, it started fine. Suddenly now, it wont start. It makes no sound, other than the lights on the dash lighting up and the tone that it makes when you turn the key. However, when I try to engage the starter to turn the engine over, the lights go out and there is no sound, no movement. I thought about the Neutral Safety Switch being an issue, but I hihdoubt that is what is wrong. Also, I have been at the power distribution box beneath the hood and have exchanged the ignition fuse with the starter fuse, and still nothing. I dont know what else to do. I dont think there is an alarm on it seeing that I have manual components and no electrical features, such as power doors and windows. And I do not have a key fob of any sort.

My car has 122000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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