Q: Truck doesn't have enough power to start

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My 2001 Ford F-150 xlt stick shift truck wouldn't start this morning it try's to crank over for a second then it just stops and makes this repeated deep grinding noise I just had a brand new battery put in new plugs and wires and drove it for like a week an now I ran in to this issue

Hello, It sounds like what you are describing may be related to a faulty starter that may be wearing out or improperly adjusted. As you know, when you turn the key there is a small gear on the starter that extends out to engage the flywheel and turn the engine over. Sometimes this gear can fail or become stuck as a result of wearing out. In some cases the starter may be misaligned as well which can cause this gear to incorrectly engage the flywheel. In either case, this can cause the type of problems you describe where the starter will intermittently turn the engine over and other times it may produce a grinding sound if it is not squarely aligned to the flywheel. I would suggest having an expert from YourMechanic come to your location to take a look at your truck.

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