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So I bought this car almost 2 months ago and had no problems with it. About 2 weeks ago the transmission started to slip bad and stall and sometimes it would jolt forward(from a standstill then accelertating). It got worse everyday. Then, i saw that the atf was very low so I bought some transmission fluid and filled it up. My atf was very very low. The car ran perfect for a week then yesterday it started to slip again but much worse. Then the cars gear D4 started to flash the tcs turned on and couldnt be turned off. My car would then start to stall very bad. When the car started to do this it would result in turning off the car and starting it up again because it wouldnt accelerate at all even though the rpms went up to almost 4.

So my question is does putting a different type of cars atf cause this problem because the cars original atf was very low and i put around 2/3rds of new tyranny oil? or is it a transmission problems resulting in replacing the whole transmission?

My car has 80000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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