Q: Q: The car won't start.

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A couple weeks ago while I was driving, the car started to act like it was dying on me. It would sputter and the electronics would kinda flicker, but it kept driving. A couple days of that went by and then whenever I would turn a blinker on or try to turn my headlights or windshield wipers on while I was driving, my electronics would really start cutting out. Lights and radio went out, the needles on my gauges dropped to zero, the idle was real soft, and it would even feel like the transmission wasn't working properly (the engine would rev, but I wouldn't get much forward motion). Then, I decided to try and clean my battery connections off one night so I took some baking soda in water and a toothbrush to scrub em off a little, then I reattached them and now all I get when I turn the key is a clicking noise from behind the dash, the engine won't even try to turn over. Battery is brand new (just a couple weeks old).

My car has 215500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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