Q: Temperature went up when I turn on the AC

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I was on my way home after driving for 25 minutes through a highway, then when I was approaching a light, I decided to turn on my AC. At the beginning I realized it wasn't cooling, and I wondered why? after a couple minutes (1 mile or two miles) I saw that the car temperature went up. I immediately turned off the AC and fan. I could notice that the temperature tended to went down when I stopped the car, for instance at a light, but when I started to speed, it went up again. I parked the car, opened the hood and I could see a little smoke coming from the radiator area. ( I am not sure where exactly but it was in front of the motor where the radiator is). I also saw that some liquid was spilled on the surface of radiator (just a little bit) and some drops were on the floor. This is the first time I see this in my car. The AC was working well until today that this happened to me, so I would like to know what the possible problems are.

My car has 108500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The first thing to check is to see if your radiator has a leak in the core and need to be replaced. After that you will need to check operation of the cooling fan to see if it is coming on with and without the a/c and vehicle does not overheat. You may have a defective fan motor or fan circuit problem.

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