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Q: struggling to start after fuel pump assembly replacement

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So, about a month ago my car just stopped starting. It wouldn't even turn over. I had a diagnostic done by a Your Mechanic technician and he was great. It was recommended I replace the fuel pump assembly, so I did. First it would start really quickly without any struggle but now it kinda struggles a bit but still starts. I wanted to know if the slower start could be because of the colder weather, high mileage, the fuel pump or something else potentially? Also, are there things i should do to prolong the life of my vehicle? Thanks for your response!

My car has 196000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It is possible that there is an issue with the fuel pump, but that is not likely. If the engine is hard to start then that can be caused by a sensor problem. I usually start by checking to see if the fuel pressure is bleeding off when the vehicle sits. This would tell me if there is an issue with the fuel system. I doubt that this is the issue. It sounds more like an issue with the crank sensor. I would use a computer scan tool to watch this sensor reading to see if it is failing. If you need to have this checked out, consider having YourMechanic come out again, as a certified mechanic will come to you to [diagnose why the car is hard to start]

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