Q: Starter service throttle disabled

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While driving one the car flashed a warning stating start service throttle disabled. The steering wheel became hard to turn and the car started to slow down without being able to go faster again. I pulled the car over turning it off. After 5min the car turned back on no warning and drove again. This has happened a few Loren times spaced out my following the same actions. Additionally the car back tires pressure don't read only saying blank PSI. Car now reads service traction control as well on and off. The car feels slightly wobbly mostly when breaking and during some driving usually around 40mph. Car also feels like a jolt movement when switching from park , reverse , drive , etc with going into reverse the most noticeable.

My car has 146760 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Pria. To be completely honest, you’ve got so much going on with your car that it would be very difficult to pinpoint the root issue going on that is causing all these symptoms from a computer. It’s possible that the ECU is faulty or damaged, or each of these individual systems are damaged. I think the best advice we can offer is to have a professional mechanic complete a warning light inspection, so they can download all the stored error codes and trace the reasons why they are happening, so the right repairs can be made.

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