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Q: Sounds coming from Underneath my truck, don't know what they are from only occurs while driving

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Hello, while driving down the road here at constant clunk that seems to be coming from underneath my truck. I also seem to hear a noise when I'm turning into a parking lot or when I begin to leave a parking space. I wondered if it was from my Ujoints or something. When I start to drive it feels like my tires on my left side are wobbling. Could you possibly give me an idea on what could be the matter with my truck?

My car has 190000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Although it is very difficult to diagnose a noise without completing a test drive, it’s possible that you have a stabilizer bar bushing that is wearing out; which tends to create the clunking noise when you hit bumps. It’s also possible that the U-joints or shock mounts are worn out and require replacement. In situations like this, it’s always smart to have a professional mobile mechanic complete a car is making a noise inspection; so they can test drive the vehicle and attempt to replication the sound. Once they inspect the vehicle, the can offer you a diagnosis and recommend the right repair.

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