Q: Smoke coming from crank case wher you add oil and fom where dip stick goes

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Traveling down the interstate today at 80 meh car was running fine not overheating on the temp gauge when car began to lose acceleration then died I pulled over and upon pulling oil dip stick to check oil white smoke began coming out of the hole where the dip stick goes took off oil cap and smoke was coming out of crank case as well car turns over but with a sort of a drag any ideas ?

My car has 232000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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When the motor is running at operating temperature, and you remove the oil cap, it’s common for a small amount of smoke to come from the engine. This is usually caused by exhaust gases, heat or gasoline vapor that mixes with the air to create a small amount of smoke. However, if a large amount of white smoke is coming from the dipstick and oil cap, it’s likely that you have internal engine damage; especially if the engine is hard to start. You should probably have the Hyundai inspected as soon as possible by a professional mobile mechanic, so they can determine what might be damaged on your car.

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