Q: Shifter stuck in neutral. Brake pedal stuck. Wont go down. Car sat for 5 years. Rear manifold area very loud exhaust leak. Advice?

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Car has not run for 5 years. 91' mitsu 3000gt vr4 turbo. Damp storage area. Much rust has accumulated . 3 questions. 1.Shifter seems stuck in neutral. What are causes that? Clutch stuck? I thought maybe jeat it up try to make it loose with a hotplate? 2. Brake pedal stuck. Cannot be pushed down. Master cylinder? 3. Very loud helicopter sound exhaust leak near rear cast iron exhaust manifold. A mechanic thought it was cracked manifold. People who specialize in my car im California said the manifold never cracks even with triple the horspower race cars they own. EGR valve or flange connector? I remember a rear spark plug never got tight as if stripped but car still drove for a few years. Maybe that leaking exhaust? Super tight space by the firewall to see anything. No obvious leak seemed to show itself unfortunately

My car has 98000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. If the vehicle has sat for an extended period of time, it is likely that multiple components; internal and external have ’frozen’ or have lost lubricity and are literally stuck. The clutch and transmission specifically can be negatively impacted due to lack of motion since it’s a hydraulic system, meaning it depends on consistent flow of fluid to maintain pressure in the system to work correctly. The brake pedal is also a hydraulic system - which is most likely why you’re having issues with this system. In regards to the helicopter sound, it is likely an exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe connection below the manifold that has cracked. However, since the Mitsubishi mechanics that apparently use stock exhaust manifolds on their "three times HP engines" said that’s impossible, maybe it’s best to take your car to them and have them put their skills to work to resolve your cars issues. To be honest, fixing the clutch, brake pedal and other systems that are stuck is going to be difficult and probably very expensive, so you might want to contact some other mechanics to get some estimates about repair costs before you get too deep into this project. Best of luck.

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