Q: relay clicking behind dash repeatedly, transmission not downshifting and now car will not start anymore. 2001 highlander.

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We had vehicle in shop to replace coil that went bad causing car to not run smoothly and also replace radiator and hoses due to a leak. After vehicle got out of shop a relay under dash behind ash tray bottom left of dash started clicking repeatedly and then transmission stopped downshifting. In addition 1 day after got car back another coil cylinder 2 went bad. replaced coild and clicking relay and coild fixed engine from running rough but did not stop relay clicking. new relay still clicks repeatedly and tranny still does not downshift. We just barely made it home from a 10 minute drive and car died in driveway and will no longer start. When it was working i tested by removing this clicking relay and engine would not start either. I swapped relay with original and still no start. engine codes now pull shift solenoid a and b. I am not sure if i should bring back to same shop or bring it somewhere else? Could it just be loose connectors from prior work or tranny issue causing no start?

My car has 218000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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