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I bought a 1988 Buick La Saber in October 2016 from a lean sale. It was an old car and there were some small things but it was a great price. There has always been a little bit of wining when the wheel is turned but the last two weeks its gotten a lot worse. I asked around, described the sound and got that it was a power steering pump. Bought one. My question is: should I replace it myself? I have someone who can help me who has a home shop and tools but I've seen a few YouTube videos on replacing pumps and it looks kinda tricky. Also where is the pump located on this model of car? p.s. there is a slight jar/grind when the car is placed in reverse. I've been told this is the U joint. Is that accurate?

My car has 195000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Replacing your power steering pump is really a question of mechanical ability and access to the proper tools. Due to the location of the power steering pump and the hydraulic nature of how it performs it’s job, it can be a bit tricky to replace. The power steering system operates on very high pressurized hydraulic pressure (in some cases as much as 300 psi) and is located down in the front of the engine with a pulley attached to it. This pulley is turned by a belt that runs with the other main components of the engine and turns as the crankshaft of the car turns. I would recommend having an expert from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose your power steering system.

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