Q: overheating due to coolant loss with no leaking

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I have been having issues with my car overheating. I replaced my thermostat, radiator, upper radiator hose, radiator cap, replaced the head gasket and coolant hose above the head. There was back pressure before on the upper radiator hose and it was causing it to pop off but that seems to be fixed. I flushed the engine as well but every time i run the car it loses basically all of the coolant or water i am using now and there is a lot of pressure on the over flow hose and losing coolant through steam coming out of the hose as well. It seems like it is the radiator cap because when i loosen it, the pressure dissipates. It seems to be steam coming from the bottom of the radiator but I am not sure why it is still losing so much coolant or what is causing the steam. It doesn't seem to be leaking anywhere. Would the only possible solution be doing a pressure test?
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Completing a compression or pressure test might help diagnose the source of your problem, but I would suspect if you’re not finding a leak, that the issue is a blown head gasket. Two ways of determining if this is the case. First, check your engine oil. If the oil is milky, this means coolant is getting inside the engine oil galley’s some how, most likely due to a blown head gasket or cracked engine block. Second, check for signs of white smoke from the exhaust. This is also an indicator of coolant. Coolant has to go somewhere, and if you’re constantly running low on coolant and having consistent overheating problems; with no visible leak, the issue is probably internal.

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