Q: overheated and I cut it off started after cooling and died after a few min.

asked by on January 16, 2018

overheated and I cut it off started after cooling down and adding coolant and died after a few min. lost a lot of antifreeze changed upper low intake gasket since I've been loosing coolant for awhile but no signs of a leak. Changed plugs it's getting fuel air and also checked fire it has all three. It cranks and hit just for a second but just keeps cranking. Sounds like it's hitting on one cylinder. It's not cranking fast like it has jumped time the.

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Your car doesn’t have a timing belt, so it’s not likely that it has "Jumped time." But if the car was low on coolant and overheating, it doesn’t take much driving to do some engine damage. So it could be that you are having head gasket problems. If there is coolant leaking into the cylinders via the head gasket, it can cause the kind of trouble you seem to be experiencing. But don’t panic yet, there are a number of other things that could be causing your trouble. Some tests are in order that require some special equipment. If you contact YourMechanic you can have a technician come out to your home or office to check out your Buick and let you know what it is going to take.

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