Q: Once engine is warmed up (3-4miles) car stalls at intersections and won't stay running.

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I have brought my car to 3 different mechanics and gotten 3 different answers from catalytic converter, to fuel pump, to transmission. I just want an honest & ethical direction to go in so as not to be taken advantage of when I go in for repairs. I can drive the car for about 3-4miles with no issues, then all of a sudden it will stall when I pull up to a stop light. I can restart and hold my foot on the gas to keep it running, but if I take my foot off the gas, it stalls again. I can drive at higher speeds as long as I keep my foot on the gas petal. If I have to slow down for traffic, the car stalls as soon as I take my foot off the gas. Please help

My car has 176000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The correct way to diagnose most mechanical problems like you are describing begins with a digital scanner inspection. This allows the mechanic to download any stored error codes and then pinpoint the source of the issue. Once codes of no error codes are found, they should complete a test drive to attempt and replicate the symptoms you are having. This typically gives them a better indication of what is wrong with the car. After, they will dig into the engine and inspect the suspected components in order to make a diagnosis. Unfortunately, most mechanic shops will skip a few of these steps and make an "educated guess" as to the source of your problem. I would recommend having one of our mobile mechanics come to your location to complete a car starts then stalls inspection; so they can get to the bottom line as to what’s causing your problems.

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