Q: on a 1970 Lincoln mark iii Interior lights wont turn on and warning lights are very dim and doorlock button makes buzzer go on

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Our 1970 Lincoln Mark III has some weird electrical issue. When the door is Ajar, the courtesy lights don't turn on at all, the switch is on but the lights don't turn on, and when the trunk is open along with the door open, the warning light doesn't go on but then the door is closed, the warning light goes on but very dimly. when the map light switch is turned on the seat belt light turns on and flickers. The wipers will not turn off (hydraulic wipers with electric switch) and when the car is running and the doors are closed and you click the door lock button, the buzzer goes on, and when the glove-box is opened, the light lights up extremely dim and the buzzer goes on. The car runs and drives fine, there is no blown fuses and no melted wires, and all exterior lights and cluster lights work, and the horn and air controls and windows work, but the interior lights and electric antenna don't work.

My car has 220202 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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