Q: noise like from engine when accelerating

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i had my car overhauled recently 3 months ago.it had 2 different sounds in the very month after overhauling the sounds were not tha much at first but would only be heard when accelerating in a highway road because in small roads will be travelling at a slow speed.one of the 2 sounds later became worse to the extent of being heard upon starting the engine.i later discovered that were the exhaust is joined to the engine the nuts were loose,when we tied sound 1 disappeared but sound 2 became worse the day the gearbox was removed to put a broken rear main oil seal.but when you listen to the sound it appears like coming from the engine.i cant even drive more than 50km per hr,its too noisy.at first i thought its bearing knock but was advised that with bearing knock you cant drive 100km which i can i do.what could be the problem.would be grateful to get your advice

My car has 239000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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