Q: New Fuel Pump in June. Gas Gauge didn't work after. November to present will not kick over, sounds like will but won't.

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New Fuel pump installed by volunteer church mechanics in the month of June. (No lift or computer sensor used.) Gas gauge didn't work after installation. Gauge is on Empty & engine light on constantly. Still, the Dodge Ram 1500 (2005) ran ok until November. Then Truck would only start in warm weather. Then would only start sometimes, not always. The month of December it sounds like it will start but does not turn over and kick in. The starter was replaced in 2014, the alternator in 2014 also. The battery in 2012. I had it towed to a shop in later November but it started each time for mechanics during warmer weather. So my question is, what am I looking at having repaired, checked or replaced?

My car has 156000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The battery being 4-5 years old is at an age where it may start to fail. When it comes to a no-start situation, this is the first place you want to start. Have the battery tested, or attempt to jump start the vehicle. With the check engine light on, the vehicle is going to need to be scanned for diagnostic troubleshooting codes. This can be done by a technician or at your local automotive parts store. If the fuel pump is receiving a bad connection, then it too may fail to start or run the car sufficiently. All of these things can be tested, but a battery test and vehicle code scan will typically help a lot during the diagnostic process. For more help, contact our service department.

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