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Q: Need honest perspective-to keep or junk, is the question. Only transportation source & limited funds.

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Failed press.test, oil cap 2 reservoir was coated in orangish milky substance. Prior recent visible coolant lvl loss & leak spills, thought 2B oil but later determined were coolant. Taking car in 4 a early (500 mi from )oil change, toId head gasket needs rep.12/14 bought from a dealer as 2nd owner w/104k miles, now 2 yrs later w/reg.maintenance done&112 mi. Also, I did have the valve cover gasket&intake valve replaced 1 yr ago, when the car had 106.5k mi.Having kept up on reg.maint.& only putting 6k on the Odom. in a yr.,& the now head gasket in need of being replaced, should I risk getting the work done&keeping the car or sell it now? *Engine peppy. Is it possible, that I may b able 2 affordably keep the vehicle as my sole source of transp. 4 the next 2 yrs. ? Any readers that have had the similar work up done on their 2003 Saturn Vue 3.0l V6's, Pls reply w/a scenario of ur results so I hope I may ease my anxiety lvl by getting better understanding of what 2 expect. Thank you !

My car has 112000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

Based on simply what you’ve written, it’s very difficult and would be very irresponsible for any mechanic to advise you as to whether you should keep driving, repair or "sell" your Saturn. The milky substance in the oil is very alarming as that typically indicates a blown head gasket due to a previous overheating situation. There may be more damage internally in the engine because it has allowed water to get in the oil system and can wear out bearings and may not be easily fixed. A blown head gasket could mean that the engine was overheated and warped the heads or block as well. If that has occurred, it’s highly probable that your Saturn won’t last for another two years. You might want to have a professional mobile mechanic come to your location and provide an in depth inspection of your Saturn; or being to search for an affordable daily driver that might serve your needs better; without the anxiety.

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  • Need honest perspective-to keep or junk, is the question. Only transportation source & limited funds.

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