Q: My vehicle occasionally heats up and blows cold air out of the heater vents.

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I had the headgaskets done on my Durango not to long ago and it did good for a little while and then I noticed it starting to get warm again. Then noticed cold air blowing out of the heater vents. This doesn't happen every time I drive it. When I'm driving down the road it seems fine but when it's idling it starts to blow cold air out of the vents and tends to heat up. But like I said it doesn't do it every time so I'm not sure what it is. The coolant level seems to be up and the fan is working so only thing I can think of is water pump.

My car has 138000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If you are getting the heater to work sometimes and other times not then it is due to the engine cooling system has air in it. You should have the cooling system purged of air and then retest system. As long as the engine is full and good flow of coolant through the heater core then you will have heat.

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Hi there. It’s quite possible that your heater issue is caused by an obstruction in your heater core. In fact, that may have been a significant reason your Durango overheated and required the head gasket to be replaced. The heater is ’powered’ by recycled coolant that circulates through the heater core. When this flow of coolant is restricted, the engine will overheat, but it also causes the heater to not function correctly. I would recommend highly that you have a professional mobile mechanic come to your location and complete a heater is not working inspection, to determine if this is the source of your problems. If so, it could save you thousands of dollars on having additional damage occur to your Durango’s motor.

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