Q: My RPM's on my car keep revving up, but won't go past 2,000

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When I was driving home last night my car started acting really funny, it started jumping everytime I pushed the gas, the RPM's wouldn't go past 2,000. And at a regular speed like constant at 40 mph it would sit at 1,000 RPM's. When it's supposed to sit at 1,500 RPM's. The oil almost ran out a week ago, which I've been having all of issues with it doing that since I got my engine replaced. So I put a quart of oil in it, and it started running just fine. When I got the car home last night I had my bf check the oil, it was very nasty and dirty, but it wasn't low enough to make the car do what it was doing. It was only a half quart to a quart low. I'm trying to figure out what could be wrong with it. We had to swerve two deer last night because there was literally no time at all to stop, so it was a close call, we were going about 50 when it happened, he tried to push the brakes but his second thought was either we gonna have to hit the deer or were going to have to swerve in between

My car has 77000 miles.

Hi there. A rough idling engine can be caused by a number of issues, some of them are serious while others tend to be minor, but the symptoms remain pretty much the same. The car will feel rough and bouncy when the engine is running. The car will also idle below its regular speed, display inconsistent RPMs and may produce a shaking, skipping or slipping sound when the vehicle is running. While a rough idling engine may seem to be a simple inconvenience it often indicates a deeper problem within the engine. The vehicle should be inspected and repaired as soon as possible because small problems have a way of turning into expensive repairs.

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