Q: My car did not start after recently replacing the battery

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About 1 month ago I replaced my car battery because the battery had died a couple times and I needed a boost. I drive a 2005 Nissan Altima. I live in Kamloops BC, and it was just starting to get quite cold out (-20 celcius) and my battery was 4-ish years old. I replaced the battery and went travelling and let my car sit for 17 days in the cold weather. When I returned my car started and I made it home where it sat for 2 more days but this morning it wouldn't start. Today it was -15 degrees when i tried to start it. I got a boost and made it to work and have gone outside to start it and it has started the two times I tried so far today.

Hi there. Although we don’t currently have mobile mechanics in BC and can’t recommend a service we can offer, there are a few things you might want to have a local mechanic inspect. First, on your Nissan Altima, there is a battery temperature sensor, which triggers the alternator to continue charging your battery. If this sensor is damaged or faulty, it might reduce the battery’s cold cranking amps. I’d recommend having a local mechanic inspect, clean or replace this component if it’s faulty.

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