Q: My brakes have been squeaking on my 2012 Altima since I bought it in 2012. I've had it checked out several times and was told noth

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The brakes would squeak off and on since I purchased the car new in 2012. Then they began to squeak all the time and got worst (louder) and I was told on several occasions that nothing was wrong with them. I took the car to two different mechanics at two different shops in Oct 2016, I was told nothing is wrong with them. Then in Dec 2016, I was told that now something is wrong and they need to be changed. I had the front brakes changed by Nissan and they still squeak. Why? What can I do about the squeaking? I'm a little leery about having them change the back brakes if they are going to continue to squeak. I like the car and want to keep it but I'm about ready to trade it in.

My car has 95500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

With the mileage you listed and the brakes having been replaced last month, I can guess that the brakes were replaced due to wear. They were probably worn enough to recommend replacement. As for the squeaking, a number of factors can cause it. Brake squeal doesn’t always indicate there is a serious problem with the brakes. It’s more of a nuisance. To lessen the chance of squealing, care should be taken when replacing the pads. All mating surfaces should be cleaned and a high temperature brake lube applied wherever the pads make contact to mounting surfaces. Also, if not supplied with the pads, adding shims may help. Brake friction material varies from vehicle to vehicle. Some friction compounds are more prone to squealing than others If none of this helps, you may want to consider trying a different brand of brake pad.

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