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Q: Loss of power when in gear. Replaced spark plugs and the same problem continues.

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hello i have replaced the spark plugs on my 2000 ford e150 and coils r working fine but when i put it on gear lost all the power wont move the motor turn weak

Hi there. If the engine runs great operating in park or neutral, then there may be a problem with the brake system or transmission issue. First check the brakes and see if they are released. Put the vehicle in neutral with the engine off and try to push the vehicle by hand. If you are able to push the vehicle, then the brakes are released. If you are unable to push the vehicle, then the brakes could be engaged causing the vehicle to not move. If the brakes are good and working properly, then its possible that the transmission torque converter has failed. If the torque converter is unable to produce a vortec pressure, then the stator clutch broke inside the torque converter. Then the torque converter would need replaced. If the transmission was slipping or the clutch was slipping, then this can also cause the vehicle to have a poor acceleration making the engine seem weak. If the transmission was replaced or the clutch was replaced and there is still a loss of power, then its possible that the engine has worn rings and valves may not be sealing properly causing the engine to have an internal loss of power. If you need further assistance with your engine having a loss of power, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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