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Recently I have have been having slow acceleration problems with my car. So I bought some fuel injector cleaner and put it in when I was filling my car with diesel. The acceleration problem continued for days but after coming out from the gym 3 days later I noticed the acceleration was back to normal. But strangely enough at this point the engine check light came on. It had not come on when I had the acceleration issue but came on when the issue seemed to be resolved. I brought the car to my mechanic and he found a code and said I need a new MAF sensor. But I read online that signs of a bad MAF sensor is slow acceleration but my acceleration seems very good now 100 percent power so I am thinking how do I need a MAF sensor then ? He did clear all other codes first and switched on my engine and the MAF sensor code showed up. My car is actually a Toyota Avensis.

My car has 230000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. I wish we could offer you some good technical advice, but the Toyota Avensis is manufactured and sold over seas (from us in the United States at least). We only offer tips and repair suggestions for cars, trucks and SUV’s sold and serviced in the United States; as this is where our expertise exists. Although your Avensis and Camry is very similar, many emissions and fuel system components; along with the quality of fuel is much different than US standards. Thanks for writing in however.

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