Q: loss of pressure on acceleration and internal oil leak via burning oil

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every 350 miles I have to add a quart of oil. When I bought it 3 yrs ago that interval was every 1200 miles. on occasion I see gray/black smoke coming from tail pipe. Turbo was replaced two months before I bought the car. I believe the orig problem whatever that was was never truly fixed. I need to find out why I am burning the oil. Audi did a compression test etc. They believe its the turbo. I do not!! I am thinking of replacing the valve cover gasket spark plugs have oil buildup and its the second set of spark plugs in 8 months. Car runs smooth at times and rough at other times. its confusing.

My car has 123000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Typically when your car is consuming this amount of oil at an incredible rate, it’s caused by an internal engine fault, such as damaged cylinder head valve guides or piston rings.Although our mobile mechanics can often complete routine service and maintenance repairs, this is one that might be better suited for an Audi repair shop specialist.

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