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Q: Leaking coolant, not overheating, oil looks good. what is going on?

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I took my car to a shop the other day and they said that my head gaskets are leaking which is why I am losing coolant. I took my car to 5 other shops for second opinions and they all said my head gaskets are fine, but my radiator needs replaced. My car never overheats, my oil looks fine (not like there is coolant in the oil or anything like that), no white smoke out of my exhaust pipe... the shop that said that my head gaskets need to be replaced called me today and are insistent that my head gaskets need to be replaced... what is your opinion on what the problem is?

My car has 145000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Unfortunately, without being there to physically inspect your Nissan, it’s hard to give you a good opinion. However, if you’re frequently adding coolant to your radiator or overflow tank, it’s possible that you have a coolant leak somewhere or the ratio of coolant to water is too thick, which can cause coolant to expand and overflow while you’re driving. If your engine is not running hot or if there is no coolant in the oil or other symptoms of a head gasket being damaged, then I’d assume that the issue is a leak somewhere in the coolant system.

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