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Q: RPM'S are slipping and tranmission knocks, also the brake pedal goes to floor

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The last 2 gears it knocks real bad and in all gears rpms going up and down like 200 and when I use my brakes the lights flicker I hear a clicking noise and if that noise turns into a longer pumping noise then I have no brakes

My car has 104000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. It sounds like you have a very serious transmission issue. You’re only at a 100,000 miles so it shouldn’t be risky to do a transmission fluid exchange. Another 20,000 miles or so then it would be very risky. I suggest doing the fluid exchange and then evaluating the fluid from there. If there are any metal particles inside the transmission fluid that is a sign of internal damage. Knocking and slipping RPM’s are also a sign of transmission internal damage. Most likely there is an error causing your vehicle to brake improperly such as a malfunctioning ABS module . When this happens usually a code will be set inside of the vehicle’s computer. I suggest that you have a technician scan the vehicle computer for error codes. We likely have a technician in your area who can inspect your vehicle firsthand. I will ask customer service to send you a quote for the transmission fluid exchange and the brake system inspection. You are also able to build your own quotes here.

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