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Q: Ignition

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Alright well I had the plastic covers off around the back of the steering wheel put the key in the ignition turned it over one of my other keys sparked off the wires on the bottom of the ignition switch completely killed all my power except for the auxiliary so I started taking the igniting switch off so I could replace it and the little white tab in the steering colomn that tuns the ignition switch when you turn the key broke off so I was wondering if I could replace that without having to get a new steering colomn or not. Also i need some kind of pointer on where I can start diagnosing my power problem I have a new ignition switch but still no power any tips on where to start on figuring out the power issue and how to fix that white tab would be extremely apprieciated thanks.

My car has 260000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. From what you describe it would appear that you may have damaged broken either the ignition switch or ignition lock cylinder. If the tab that was broken came directly off of the steering column, then you may have to replace the column if the part is not individually serviceable. If you have lost power after striking up a spark through electrical contact, then I would check to make sure that none of the fuses are blown out, as a blown fuse can cut power to the vehicle’s interior electronics. A regular multimeter that can be found at most retail auto parts or hardware stores would be a suitable tool for testing and probing the vehicle’s electrical system. If the fuses and check out it may be possible that there is some sort wiring or electrical problem present with the vehicle. As electrical issues can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, if you are unsure, I would recommend having a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic, visit your location to diagnose what may be causing the issue.

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