Q: i was told i need new rear struta because on a bad seal. The guy showed me a liquid substance on the rod in the middle of strut

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Is there fluid involved in a strut? i was told i need new rear strut because on a bad seal. The guy showed me a liquid substance on the rod in the middle of strut

My car has 100000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Struts, and shock absorbers, are hydraulically operated devices and so, yes, absolutely they are fluid filled. Struts do have a finite lifetime because the internal parts do wear and the oil can eventually leak out past the piston seal. If the oil leaks out, that greatly degrades the capability of the strut to control excessive vehicle motion. If the oil leak is "significant" the place to look really is not so much on the shiny piston rod but rather the usually black painted body. If you see oil there, then the strut should be replaced without question as it has or had a big leak. However, of course, as you are looking at it now, it could be that so much oil has leaked out in the past that none remains visible to you now and so all you "might" be seeing presently is oil on the shiny piston rod. Generally, it’s not unwise to replace struts at 100,000 miles as, again, they simply do not last forever anyway and you will restore the original ride quality. Also, worn struts WILL cause your tires to wear unevenly and wear out earlier as well and tires are not cheap. Struts should be replaced ONLY in pairs. If you desire a second opinion, as well as a lower cost mobile replacement option, simply request strut assembly replacement and a certified mechanic will respond and get you fixed up. OEM Honda struts are recommended but you can discuss with the mechanic your options in terms of replacement parts selection.

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