I want to change from automatic to standard transmission ...

Q: I want to change from automatic to standard transmission on my 84' chevy c10.

asked by on May 26, 2017

New V8 8 cylinder engine, shift kit upgrade have been installed, want to change from automatic transmission to standard (6 speed?) transmission. Want to know if this is possible and, if it is, a ballpark cost estimate
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Unfortunately this is not a service one of our mobile mechanics could offer, so we’re not able to offer a quote or estimate. In regards to whether or not it can be done, the answer is "maybe". If you change the flywheel, add a clutch & clutch pedal, change the differential gearing, driveshaft and more, then it can be done. Unless you have access to a full service mechanical shop, welding and fabrication skills; it’s probably better not to attempt this type of swap.

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Hi there. Unfortunately this is not a service that our mobile mechanics offer, so we can’t provide you with a rough estimate on having this done. In regards to whether or not it can be done; the answer is "maybe". If you change from an automatic to manual transmission, you’re also going to have to change the flywheel, add a clutch, clutch pedal, brackets, new transmission and change the differential, driveshaft and more. I don’t think it’s something that should be done unless you have access to all the parts, a shop and access to professional welding and fabrication skills.

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