Q: I have a Chevy 350 and the bolt that was holding it up broke and it fell on the oil pan what problem I will have

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I was wondering what problems I will have if a Chevy 350 dropped on the oil pan

The damage that has occurred from a fall will depend on how far the motor fell. The possibilities I’m providing here are just probable and should not substitute a thorough inspection of the motor. If there isn’t any visible damage, then it is likely no damage has occurred.

To start, if the pan is bent enough it can damage the oil pump pickup tube and screen. This can cause a loss of oil pressure if cracks have developed in the pickup tube. It is also possible that the bottom of the pickup tube and inside of the oil pan are so close that it restricts the volume of oil supplied to the motor.

It’s also possible that the pan has been twisted enough to create oil leaks at the front and rear of the pan. These sections of the pan are common areas where oil leaks occur when a pan is in new condition. If the pan has been tweaked, these sealing points can be further compromised.

Other than the pickup tube and oil pan gasket sealing points, there are many other less likely possibilities that all depend on the distance the motor fell and the angle it hit the ground, if it hit the ground. Cracks can develop in the block if the impact is hard enough. The pan can be twisted creating interference with the oil filter, oil cooler lines, harmonic balancer and other items. There are many other things that could have been impacted by the fall. I am assuming only the oil pan was impacted.

As I stated before, there is no substitution for a thorough inspection of the entire motor when something like this occurs. I would advise you to have an experienced mechanic take a look if you have any doubts. As an experienced technician, I wouldn’t worry about anything if there aren’t any obvious signs of damage. Since I cannot inspect it myself, I can only speculate.

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