Q: I have a 2011 Corvette and all of a sudden the service traction light came on as well reduced engine power. Now the check engine

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While driving the service traction light came on as well as reduced engine power. Now the check engine light is staying on. What's the issue?

My car has 28000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Vicki. Thanks for contacting us today. The check engine light is a general warning light indicator that will illuminate when an OBD-II trouble code has been triggered. It’s likely that the CEL and the reduced power light are related to the same components failure and issues - likely having to do with the throttle body. The traction control light can be caused by either a sensor failure or an actual fault with this system. However, since there are multiple possible sources of these warning lights, you need to have a professional mechanic complete a warning light inspection, so they can download the codes that created these lights and help isolate the root issues.

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