Q: I have a 2008 BMW 328i, After some ignition work it started behaving oddly. Then the brake warning lights came on.

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I have a 2008 BMW 328i, it has 94k miles on it, and I just had the spark plugs/coils replaced, oil changed, filter cap and seal replaced. After the repair I started to have a running issue I have never had before, it would jerk like the engine was spitting out a loogie. Very strange. And then yesterday my emergency brake light on the display stayed on while driving (amber, not red) as well as the lift symbol appeared. I checked forums and it seemed when these two indicators appear in tandem it is a brake pads/brake fluid being low issue. So I went out and looked at the brake pad front pads are extremely low (couple mm) and the rear passenger side as well. These need to be replaced, I was curious if the rotors need to be replaced as well and based on these details would the flush be recommended as well? How safe is the car to drive for short errands (less than 10 miles)? I want to set an appointment ASAP and want you to have as much information ahead of time as possible. Thank you.

My car has 94000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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