Q: I had a transmission put in three weeks ago. Car starts then shuts off killing battery aswell. Fuel pump & filter was changed too

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Car starts then shuts off. Sounds like car is choking. Problem is also draining my battery. The fuel pump and filter was changed. Transmission was put in three weeks ago. Car won't stay on. Once we give a jump to it the car starts then shortly after a second it turns off with a kick. I am tired of wasting money on useless mechanics whom seem to keep telling me to wait till a spot is open in their shop. I been out of work for four weeks almost now. I just want a good mechanic I can pay to actually have a running car. Thanks Dominique Ramos

My car has 177 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Dominique. The best thing about YourMechanic.com’s professional mobile mechanics is that they come to you and take care of your car’s issues on your schedule. Based on what you’ve listed above, the best way to begin to diagnose why your 2001 Honda Civic continues to have issues running is to set up a car starts then dies inspection (click the blue link, then click the Get a Quote button on that page to begin the process). This will allow one of our professional mechanics to diagnose and determine the reason why the car will start then shortly after shut off. Once they determine what’s actually wrong, they will be able to recommend or complete a repair that will resolve the issue.

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