Q: I bought a brand new alternator and my car still wouldn’t start

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I had this issue a couple of months ago. My battery light would come on and off, so I would ignore it (something I shouldn’t have done) eventually my lights started dimming out & my car would not start. Someone came to look at my car & told me it was the alternator. I bought a new one, got it installed & my car started working just fine! NOW recently about two weeks ago it started doing the same thing. My lights started dimming out & eventually my radio powers off, my turning signals, and my head lights barley had any power. My got to house (THANK GOD) & turn off my car to see if the lights would turn back on & my car wouldn’t start!! I told my boyfriend, he messed with some wires and got it to run, (but the battery light was still on) he took it for a spin around the neighborhood and came back and said it died on him. I DONT KNOW WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM!! PLEASE HELPPPP!

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Breona. Thanks for contacting us tonight. The fact that your boyfriend was able to ’fix’ the car temporarily by ’messing with the wires’ indicates that the root issue is likely poor electrical connections as opposed to a mechanical problem with the alternator or other charging system components. Unfortunately, there are multiple wires that must work together in order to supply power to the engine and other vehicle systems. I think the best way to save money and get to the root issue is to have a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a battery will not hold a charge inspection.

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