Q: How much can I expect to be charged in labor fees to replace all 4 sparks plugs in my 2005 Chevy cobolt? once place told me 177 do

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I need a tune up. Bought this car used with close to 90,00 on it. Just had it inspected and enjeneer light was on and asked for garage to trouble shoot this. And after they ran with codes. It needs a tune asap. But prices I was quoted seemed way too high. I want to know honest Y. My cost for each plug. They to.d me 94 do.lars per plug and than another 177 bucks for labor to install. This just seems very expensive. I am in research stage now for labor cost that are fair and not ruling me off all bc I am a female

My car has 155000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Helene,

Thank you for your inquiry about pricing. We are not able to bring down the costs as our Parts Team provides the most up-to-date costs for parts and labor based on the VIN that was provided from your vehicle.

YourMechanic is substantially less expensive than brick and mortar shops and dealerships. We take pride in being transparent and offering convenient and trusted mobile car repair and maintenance.

However, you can give us a call at 1-800-701-6230 between 6am to 5pm Mon-Fri and 7am to 4pm Sat-Sun PST so we can review the quote and ensure to provide you the most accurate price for your request.

Best regards,

Erick YourMechanic Customer Service Team

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