Q: How do I change the oil in my 1988 chev celebrity

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How do I change my oil in my 1988 chev celebrity

Hi there. The basic procedure for replacing oil and the oil filter is the same for virtually every combustion engine. First, you secure the right amount and type of engine oil recommended for your vehicle. You also need a replacement oil filter that is also recommended for your vehicle. Once you’re ready to complete the service, you need to verify you have the right tools; including an oil filter removal tool, and the right sized end wrench or socket to remove the oil drain plug. Next, you should clear a space to complete your oil change, raise the front end if needed (with recommended jacks and supports near the rear tires). After that, you remove the drain plug (ensuring you have a collection pan that is large enough to hold all of the old oil directly underneath the oil pan). While the oil is draining, remove the oil filter. Once all oil has been drained, you install the new oil filter, replace the oil pan drain plug and tighten both correctly, After this has been completed, you’ll remove your oil cap on top of the cylinder head and add the recommended amount of oil into the engine. You then replace the oil cap and tighten correctly, lower your car from any jacks and start your engine to verify that the oil circulates through the motor correctly. Initially, the "oil light" should come on the dash, but should go away within a few seconds. Let the engine run for about 4 minutes without driving, turn off the engine and check the oil level. Add additional oil if needed. Or, you can have one of our mobile mechanics complete the oil and filter change for you.

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