Q: High priority - Chevy 454 overheating

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I have a chevy 454 that overheats, there is definetly a coolant leak but it doesnt leak till driving, and doesnt leak a lot. There is a white smoke upon startup and after driving about 10 minutes. it drove just fine last month. It's been driving about 15 blocks every week with no noticable issues till today. Engine oil was recently empty but now overfilled. Has a bit of hard starting too, needs me to pump the gas. Is also nearly silent at an idle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently stranded

Hi there. The golden rule of thumb is that white smoke coming out of the exhaust means coolant is getting inside the combustion chamber. This is typically due to a head gasket failure. If the engine overheats periodically, it can cause the head gasket to break or the cylinder head or even block deck to warp. When this happens, coolant will leak. The other possible source of coolant entering the combustion chamber is an engine block crack. The only thing we can recommend is to have a professional mechanic come to your location to complete a car is overheating inspection to determine where the coolant leak exists and what is causing the engine to overheat. Most of the time a head gasket failure is the result of an existing overheating problem - and not the root cause.

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