Q: I'm Looking at a BMW 328i (2007) to buy.

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Hi, I saw a BMW 328i (2007) and it has 186 k on it. Owner said he replaced the battery and flushed the transmission and the only thing it needs is heater blower motor. He is asking $7000 CAD. Do I have to buy that? Are there chances that car can cause problems in future? This is my first car, I have no knowledge Help me

Most cars are pretty trouble free for about 100K. After that, things start to happen. Aside from the regular maintenance, you will see the occasional check engine light and find out you need to replace things like Oxygen sensors, or throttle bodies. When you get to about 150 K you might experience wheel bearing failures or find yourself needing to repair front end components and shock absorbers. At 186 thousand miles,you can pretty much expect anything to happen at any time. The engines and driveline on the BMW are pretty good, so you won’t necessarily have trouble with those, but the car has a lot of electronic equipment that may start acting up at this age. Nobody can predict exactly what is likely to happen, but you can hedge your bets by contacting Your Mechanic for a Pre Purchase Inspection. They will send a technician to your home or to the location of the car to check out its vitals and let you know what you might be able to expect.

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