Q: Hey. I'm looking to buy a used car that's good in the snow and that lasts a long time under 10 grand.

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I love going into the mountains, snow or sunshine, and I'd like to have something that might even work for camping in it. My family lives far away and I don't have anyone here to help me find the right car/jeep or whatever. I live in the city so it can't be too bulky but I was hoping one of you out there would have a good tip. Subaru Outback seems great but with the recall it seems like a lot of people are selling theirs. Used to have a Honda and it kept getting broken into/stolen. I need something without headaches.... ahhh this is so hard.

Although this is an answer that is forced to be biased, I would recommend the Lincoln Navigator. This vehicle is very luxurious and great in harsh weather conditions. You can purchase an older one for less than ten thousand dollars for sure. The only thing to be aware of is the air ride suspension. If it has any leaks, be sure to get them fixed. Air bags run about one hundred fifty dollars each for the Navigator in most areas. Lots of utility with this vehicle as it is rather large and seats seven. If you are not so interested in luxury, I might recommend the Ford Expedition which is the not so luxurious counterpart to the Navigator.

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